noun: arch; plural noun: arches  A curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it.  Synonyms: archway, vault, span, dome “a stone arch”
verb: arch; 3rd person present: arches; past tense: arched; past participle: arched; gerund or present participle: arching.  Form or cause to form the curved shape of an arch.  Synonyms: curve, arcarchaicliterary   Span (something) by or as if by an arch.

The Arch Podcast

Length:  approximately 5-15 minutes.  “The Arch” is a must-listen podcast for the art and design professional who enjoys looking beyond the superficial, focusing on enlightening conversations with both the famous and not-so famous of Southern California’s exciting architectural and design community.

Our Hosts, Carol Bishop and Jack Skelley, in interviews with architects, designers and artists, discuss the latest, breaking projects and delve into personal insights in their own creative process.

Both casual and compelling, “The Arch” can focus on the latest cultural phenomena to the minutia of a simple design problem.  Sometimes direct – “20 Questions”, to more complex, “The Arch” is an invitation for real interaction with its listeners.

The Arch Podcast is available on both Soundcloud and iTunes.

Our Hosts

Carol Bishop is an accomplished artist, who focuses on agendas of architecture and place. Her work explores the ideas as well as the subjectivities (designers, clients, communities) that inform the creation of buildings and structures. She is an associate professor of art at Los Angeles Valley College.




Jack Skelley is president of JSPR, specializing in “urbanology” – architects, designers, builders and cities. His is an award-winning writer/editor with over 25 years of experience from Harper’s magazine to The Atlantic to Form Magazine to the Los Angeles Times, and is former Executive Editor and Associate Publisher of Los Angeles Downtown News. He serves on the Advisory Board of Urban Land Institute Los Angeles and is a long-time contributor to Urban Land magazine. His is also a musician, including guitarist and songwriter in the psychedelic surf band, Lawndale.