People get so caught up in their own mind and their own vision. And vision is a very simple part of our understanding of the universe, but I think it controls a lot of our ideas and our politics and our belief systems. If we’re able to see things different physically, I think it invites people to question their won belief structure.

Timothy Robert Smith

Timothy Robert Smith is a Los Angeles oil painter, muralist and multi-media artist, using observational techniques to investigate the nature of perception. His work fuses together multiple perspectives into a kaleidoscopic vision, playing with our understanding of time and space, and blurring the line between personal and collective experience.

His art has shown in solo exhibitions at museums, TEDx conferences and several galleries; being featured in media outlets that include Juxtapoz, Artillery, and NBC. He recently created an interactive installation at the Museum of Art and History, Lancaster (May 2018) that combined oil painting with lights, sounds, 3-D sculpted figures and video projections. He also has murals around Los Angeles, Laguna Beach and Japan.

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