Very early in my career I actually had the opportunity to work on the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and there is a bit of a thread because I’ve then had the opportunity to work on other museums that deal with horrific events in the span of time. And light is a metaphor for hope in those projects. So those have really touched my heart.

Bold, dynamic, unafraid of taking risks through ligh ng, Teal is an inspiring design thinker who reaches deep for the ar s c essence, the core of a design challenge. Her curiosity fuels the explora on that allows the possibili es embedded within a design to come forward. As an avid listener, Teal enjoys the re nement that comes with ve ng concepts in a collabora ve team forum. Just as there is balance inherent in light and shadow, so too comes the balance of art and science, aspira on and pragma sm, in the nal solu on.

Teal’s combined background in the arts and engineering puts her at ease with both the ephemeral and technical challenges inherent in ligh ng design. Her long me love of dance supports her apprecia on for the importance of composi on, nuance, and rhythm, while studies with a master mathema cian helped her develop an apprecia on for the elegance and t of the right solu on.

Teal joined the rm’s San Francisco o ce in 1991 and spearheaded the opening of the Los Angeles o ce in 1994. Her work has been featured in Architectural Ligh ng Magazine, Architect, and Interior Design. Teal con nues to bring people together who are passionate about architecture, art and light to learn and grow by guest lecturing and teaching at architectural and academic venues at home and abroad.

Teal’s vast por olio of projects is fueled by her love of travel and culture which have developed in her a deep understanding of the impact that light can bring to any experience.

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